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Diving through “siphons,” areas of the cave which are completely full of water, is going to be on today’s agenda, too, so everyone will require diving equipment: a mask, a breathing regulator along with a heavy tank of air. Pointless to state, we should also put our test watch, the Sinn U2 Replica, with these ordeals.

We find the Sinn U2 replica watch out for this trip mainly because of its robust and scratch-resistant situation a caver’s watch frequently rubs against rough stone, and not just as he must crawl through low and narrow passageways.

Sinn has quite the next of loyal fans and enthusiasts alike. Personally, i think the fake Sinn U2 is the best diver. I'm attempting to perform a on the job review so make sure to return for that. I really like the dial layout for his watch. Things I love relating to this watch is when rugged it's. It’s produced from exactly the same steel that utilized in submarines, highly resistive to brine corrosion.

Approaching the doorway towards the Falkenstein cave, the sun is out on the attractive scene: a mountain brook rushes along alongside a hiking trail that winds through sparse forest toward the high cliff face. We wriggle into our diving suits, wear our red coveralls, pull on the helmets and strap tanks of air to the backs. I strap around the replica Sinn U2, which just fits throughout my diving suit’s 5-mm-thick neoprene sleeves using the divers’ extension folded out.

The replica Sinn U2 frequently makes connection with the rocky walls and often these encounters are not gentle. The dial’s legibility remains excellent, although I do not require the ample coating of luminous material because my headlamp brightly illuminates the timepiece whenever I lower my gaze to determine the time. The red and black from the watch matches my coveralls. This form of the U2 looks a lot more like a “tool watch,” a bit of expedition equipment, than will the fake U2 model which has an uncoated steel situation. After greater than three hrs within the cave, we come across our first siphon. No more than 20 inches separate the ground in the ceiling here. This low crawlspace is totally full of water or, to become more precise, water comes hurrying toward us since the cave is really a undercover riverbed. We're able to not have access to gone any further without diving equipment.

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