U-Boat Flightdeck 50 ABO Swiss Eta Movement Copy watches

I have needed a U-boat Flightdeck Replica watch since I came across an advertisement for the chronograph sort of the Flightdeck roughly 1.5 decades back. I have been through about 12 watches since then, from Mont Blanc to TAG Heuer, Invicta to Enzo Mechana into Panerai. This view does it like no additional watch I’ve owned. That’s purely aesthetic – that I love everything about this particular design. From the matte black IP case, deep black dial using the grey U-boat flightdeck eclipse replica watch emblem and the stamped”Italo Fontana / Produced in Italy” and glowing orange hands and indices, this view is unmistakably Italian how Lamborghini is unmistakably Italian. You’ve got to have a certain attitude I think to wear this watch – it’s 50mm and orange and black! This watch is NOT subtle.

The packaging is excellent. Here the watch is kind of presented for you in a pretty distinctive way. Great layout, and obviously different the typical watch box. Pull up the case and you’ll discover the manual and a U-boat flightdeck chronograph 50mm automatic imitation watch booklet using two leather slots for additional straps.

The craftsmanship is top flight. This watch arrived perfect. Flawless. The U-boat flightdeck titanium 50mm replica watch emblem on the crown shield lines up perfectly if screwed down – that is a really nice surprise. The watch strap is an aero design with three holes cut into the upper most layer of leather to show a perforated leather beneath. Great design element that’s kind of unique (I can’t remember watching another strap just like it). I do not love leather straps, but this one is fairly cool. Case – 10.

The real star of this show however is the movement. This is the first watch I have seen with the ETA A07.111 – which is essentially (very basically) an enlarged ETA 7750 with no chronograph, large date, and a centre second hand. The rotor is enormous! It takes up almost the entire case back! I feel that is U-boat flightdeck eclipse imitation watch only black rotor so far – something I think that they should earn a bit of a trademark. Really cool. It is keeping impeccable time from the box – a consistent +3.5/4 minutes every day. 1 thing I did notice (and posted about) was a jittery second hand, but just while the watch was positioned with the dial up. I was informed that this movement has an indirect instant hand – thus inducing a bit of a jittery sweep round the dial sometimes. Barely noticable and it clearly doesn’t impact the time keeping at all.

This watch, while being fairly large at 50mm and about 16-17mm in width, sits very well even on my little 6.75″ wrist. The leather strap is simply about 3.5mm thick although supremely comfortable and really helps counter the burden of the case. I had an Invicta Subaqua Noma III (that I adored ) however using a steel necklace it was just too heavy. The one thing I needed to get used to this watch was that the crown on the left – it just feels weird at first having something over on that side of your wrist. It took about 3 hours to turn into a non-issue.

In general, this watch is everything I expected it’d be. I moved with the non chrono Flightdeck expressly since I like a nice, clean, easy to read dial. I locate chrono models superfluous and fussy – I never use the chrono function and they are more challenging to service. But that is just my view.

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