U-BOAT Thousands Of Feet CAS Replica Watch High End

The dial of U-Boat Thousands of Feet Replica watches is made utilizing the exact same technologies as Panerai, a watchmaking company that’s also closely associated with the Italian military, uses. The dial includes two layers: the lower one is coated with Superluminova and the upper one is trimmed with laser beams.The case of the very U-Boat thousands of feet ruby replica watch Countless Feet timepieces is treated with PVD to achieve a black matte finish.

The idea of the very first U-Boat timepieces was conceived in 1942. The watchmaker Italo Fontana planned to issue rolex watches for submariners and the Italian Air Force. He designed just what was required for the Italian army — robust replica watches, with their dials readily readable day or night, under the most unfavorable conditions. However, because of a change in coverage, the aims of this gifted watchmaker didn’t come true. Back in 1999, the grandson of Italo Fontana brought the designs of his grandfather to life along with the U-Boat Thousands of Feet collection imitation watch was eventually introduced. Creating U-Boat thousands of feet red edition replica watches, the descendant of the watchmaker combines innovative technology and materials together with the almost half-century old layouts of Italo Fontana.

The Night Vision and Thousands of Feet are intended to give the illusion of aircraft cockpit gauges, the night vision when it’s the red glass onto it gives an infrared appearance to it.

This homage to jet fighter planes includes three different coloured crystals which can be installed without the use of tools. The watch case is really a massive 53mm wide with the characteristic U-Boat thousands of feet chronograph imitation watch screw-down crown molding. A see-through case back reveals off the automated motion.


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